Where do you get your Ramen Noodle Fix?

Ramen Noodle Fix

Where do you get your Ramen Noodle Fix?

Where to buy Ramen? Do you have a favorite place?

Do you prefer to buy in bulk & stock up for the next two years, or do you buy your Ramen Noodles in single packages?

Lately a favorite of mine has been the “Gourmet Spicy” Nongshim Shin Ramen found at Giant Eagle. It’s less than $2 a pack, so it’s certainly not the Maruchan that one buys in bulk.

Nongshim Shin Ramen

One of the reasons that I am enjoying this package of Ramen Noodles so much is because of the Flavor packet. Not only are there dried mushrooms, but the salt flavoring is very hot! It’s not too hot, but it’s a wonderful kick for some wonderful noodles. Another unique thing about the packaging is that they are round, & can fit into my Ramen Noodle bowl a lot easier than the square packages.