Me So Ramen App for iPhone/iPad

Me So Ramen App

Me So Ramen, an App for iPhone/iPad!

Me So Ramen Noodle Game

Not that long ago a close friend told me about a new iPhone/iPad game from Moxy Games called Me So Ramen & I had to check it out for myself. After downloading the game (for free! : Link) I put it on my iPhone & just had to try it out. After getting it installed it turns out that the game was pretty fun! It really reminds me of the Cafe World flash game, if you have ever played it. It’s simple, straight forward concept & easy to pick up game-play are, much like Ramen Noodles themselves, can be really addictive. A very important part for any budget minded Ramen Noodle fan is the price of this app… FREE!

The point of the game is that you are running a Ramen Noodle shop and have to quickly fill customer orders. Level 1 starts out with just a few customers and a few common Ramen Noodle ingredients, but it gets more fast and complicated from there. At level 1 you only have one type of bowl, broth, eggs, & what looks like seaweed. Level 2 added shrimp, & level 3 added a different type of bowl & many more customers. Since the game is free, it naturally has some ads at the top, but they were fairly unobtrusive to game play. Since getting this app installed, I really can’t put it down, just like my favorite bowl of Ramen Noodles…

MeSo Ramen Title Screen
MeSo Ramen Title Screen