Ramen Food Trucks

Ramen Food Trucks

Ramen Food Trucks

Food trucks that specialize in Ramen Noodles

Hapa Ramen : San Francisco, California

Recently the popularity of food trucks has been exploding! Along with that, many local areas are starting to hold food truck gatherings, which as one might imagine are gatherings of many food trucks. They are great, sometimes held at farmers markets, or local music events. However, for as many as I’ve been to, I have yet to see a Ramen Noodle Food Truck.

Perhaps that is because I’ve not been to San Francisco, California, where I could easily find Hapa Ramen who makes a unique bowl of noodles. They serve all locally sourced, organic ingredients. As they put it, We use the good stuff. It is fantastic. Just read below:

Organically raised pork, chickens that enjoyed roaming around their pastures, & locally sourced konbu. Also they use seasonal, local vegetables from the best farms—Catalan, Dirty Girl, Star Route, Serendipity, Knoll, and Marin Roots, to name a few.

Hapa Ramen Food Truck

Prison Ramen: Recipes and Stories from Behind Bars
This rather unique and edgy cookbook, Prison Ramen takes readers behind bars with more than 65 ramen recipes and stories of prison life from the inmate/cooks who devised them. Including content from celebrities like Guns n’ Roses guitarist Slash and the actor Shia LaBeouf.

Prison Ramen: Recipes and Stories from Behind Bars


Ramen Rickshaw: Springfield, Ohio

Perhaps you have read Omnivore’s Dilemma and watched Food Inc, realizing that local, organic is the way to go with food. For us, the reasons are even simpler: it tastes way better and we want to support the local farmer to complete the circle for the local economy.

Then there is the Ramen Rickshaw in Springfield, Ohio.

Ramen Rickshaw

The Ramen Rickshaw showcases comfort food products, carefully refined to accommodate the tastes & expectations of the Springfield market. They have produced variations of three iconic Japanese culinary dishes: fried rice, Japanese curried rice & an entire showcase product of ramen noodle soup! The broth is based on a family recipe handed down from relatives who owned their own ramen noodle shop in a little country village in Japan. Both the broth & noodles are handmade from scratch. The Ramen Rickshaw is the featured food truck at the Springfield Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine better options for Ramen Food Trucks! Be on the lookout in your local area, & be sure to give us an update if you see any!